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Correction: Spin Biochemistry Modulates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Production by Radio Frequency Magnetic Fields

Correction: Thermal Unfolding Pathway of PHD2 Catalytic Domain in Three Different PHD2 Species: Computational Approaches

Retraction: Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) Root Extract Regulates the Oxidative Status and Antioxidant Gene Transcripts in CCl4-Induced Hepatotoxicity

PLoS Pathogens Issue Image | Vol. 13(1) January 2017
Control of Polo-like kinase protein abundance to ensure flagellum adhesion in trypanosomes: Scanning electron micrograph of Trypanosoma brucei, illustrating the flagellum (pseudo-colored in pink) that adheres to the cell surface. Flagellum-cell body adhesion requires a specialized cytoskeletal structure termed flagellum attachment zone filament. Assembly of this filament requires the Polo-like kinase, whose level is under stringent control. A Cullin4-based ubiquitin ligase targets Polo...

PLoS Computational Biology Issue Image | Vol. 13(4) April 2017
Oncodomain Hotspots Overlap with the Active Site of Protein Kinases: Depiction of oncodomain hotspots found to be significantly overlapping with the active site of the protein kinase domain. Peterson et al.

Mitochondrial Changes in Platelets Are Not Related to Those in Skeletal Muscle during Human Septic Shock
Platelets can serve as general markers of mitochondrial (dys)function during several human diseases. Whether this holds true even during sepsis is unknown. Using spectrophotometry, we measured mitochondrial respiratory chain biochemistry in platelets and triceps brachii muscle of thirty patients with septic shock (within 24 hours from admission to Intensive Care) and ten surgical controls (during surgery). Results were expressed relative to citrate synthase (CS) activity, a marker of ...

Correction: Cyclin B1 Overexpression Induces Cell Death Independent of Mitotic Arrest

Correction: Enrichment and Analysis of Intact Phosphoproteins in Arabidopsis Seedlings

Correction: Zebrafish as a Model System to Study the Physiological Function of Telomeric Protein TPP1

Correction: Structural and Functional Similarities between Osmotin from Nicotiana Tabacum Seeds and Human Adiponectin

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