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PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Issue Image | Vol. 11(6) June 2017
Human macrophages infected by Leishmania donovani: Human macrophages derived from THP1 monocytes are infected by Leishmania donovani parasites. The parasites are genetically engineered to express green fluorescent protein (in green). Nuclei of the host cells are stained with DAPI (in red). Images are obtained by confocal fluorescence microscopy at dual excitation/emission channels and superimposed. Automated image analysis renders parasite and macrophage cells counts, as well as number...

Retraction: Genome-Wide Analysis of the Dof Transcription Factor Gene Family Reveals Soybean-Specific Duplicable and Functional Characteristics

Correction: Meta-Research: Broadening the Scope of PLOS Biology

Correction: A Biophysical Model of the Mitochondrial Respiratory System and Oxidative Phosphorylation

Correction: The Evolutionary Biology of Musical Rhythm: Was Darwin Wrong?

PLOS Computational Biology 2015 Reviewer Thank You

PLoS Pathogens Issue Image | Vol. 13(5) May 2017
Multicolored syncytia induced by morbilliviruses isolated from ferret white blood cells: Vero cells expressing canine SLAM were co-cultured with white blood cells of ferrets. The animals had been inoculated via different routes with recombinant canine distemper viruses expressing the fluorescent proteins Venus, dTom or TagBFP. Systemic virus dissemination in vivo resulted in circulation of single, double- and triple-infected lymphocytes. Morbillivirus isolation in vitro induced formati...

Correction: A Ubiquitin Ligase Complex Regulates Caspase Activation During Sperm Differentiation in Drosophila

PLoS Biology Issue Image | Vol. 15(4) April 2017
A latitudinal phylogeographic diversity gradient in birds: This study by Smith et al. uses genetic, environmental, and morphological data from hundreds of bird species occurring in the Western Hemisphere to evaluate patterns of within-species diversity. The authors find greater (and longer lasting) intraspecific genetic variation in tropical species than in temperate species, suggesting that biodiversity gradients can arise more rapidly than previously thought and that the processes go...

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