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PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Issue Image | Vol. 11(6) June 2017
Human macrophages infected by Leishmania donovani: Human macrophages derived from THP1 monocytes are infected by Leishmania donovani parasites. The parasites are genetically engineered to express green fluorescent protein (in green). Nuclei of the host cells are stained with DAPI (in red). Images are obtained by confocal fluorescence microscopy at dual excitation/emission channels and superimposed. Automated image analysis renders parasite and macrophage cells counts, as well as number...

Correction: Prefabrication of 3D Cartilage Contructs: Towards a Tissue Engineered Auricle – A Model Tested in Rabbits

On the Compliance of Women Engineers with a Gendered Scientific System
There has been considerable effort in the last decade to increase the participation of women in engineering through various policies. However, there has been little empirical research on gender disparities in engineering which help underpin the effective preparation, co-ordination, and implementation of the science and technology (S&T) policies. This article aims to present a comprehensive gendered analysis of engineering publications across different specialties and provide a cross-g...

Correction: The Aerodynamic Cost of Head Morphology in Bats: Maybe Not as Bad as It Seems

Correction: Pharmacokinetics of Natural and Engineered Secreted Factors Delivered by Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Correction: Real-Time Subject-Independent Pattern Classification of Overt and Covert Movements from fNIRS Signals

Correction: Effective Therapeutic Approach for Head and Neck Cancer by an Engineered Minibody Targeting the EGFR Receptor

Correction: Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Poisonous and Medicinal Plant Datura stramonium: Organizations and Implications for Genetic Engineering

Correction: Correction: Engineered Promoters for Potent Transient Overexpression

Correction: Reverse Engineering a Signaling Network Using Alternative Inputs

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